Spa Mist II Haircare

Natural progression for salons

Very compact, mobile and flexible equipment, Spa Mist II can perform multiple hair and scalp treatments at the styling station or washpoint, including colour or perm treatments.

It is reassuringly user-friendly and needs only purified water to generate all the promised goodness and relaxation.

Shampoo & massage – 

Client and Technician enjoy the soothing benefits of more lather and a much smoother massage.

A. With mist, moist heat maintains the warmth and lather. B. Without mist, the hair and scalp rapidly cool.

Scalp cleanse  – 

A healthy, warming and very relaxing treatment with the option of adding a product or using the mist on its own.

A. Before treatment, hardened sebum clogs the pores. B. Moist 48ºC heat opens the pores and liquifies the scalp debris.

Haircare treatment   – 
8mins + 2mins cooling

A healthy, relaxing, warming and cooling treatment to use with a conditioning product.

Treatments using Spa Mist II will improve:
Dry hair
Damaged hair
Scalp condition

Colouring –
15mins + 5mins cooling 

A healthier way to seal colour treatments, with more vibrant, longer-lasting and even results.

With mist (a), without mist (b): 1. Immediately after a colour treatment and 2. after 7 shampoos

Perming –

A healthier way to seal perm treatments, with more vibrant, longer-lasting and higher definition curl results.

With mist (a), uniform heating of the hair promotes softening.
Without mist (b), the curling effect is much less. 

A luxuriously healthy, extremely relaxing, warming spa treatment with full service. If your client is (truly) comfortable at the Backwash, a single Technician can shampoo, condition, massage and give a Head Spa treatment – all without interruption or changing stations. 

Head Spa –
up to 45mins

You can also offer a 5 miniute hand spa and aromatherapy while the client relaxes in the salon's best reclining chair at the washpoint. 

The treatment times given above relate to the default setting on the unit, at a specific mist level and temperature setting. Actual applications may be shorter.

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